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Hand Carry Couriers to Ajman
OnBoard SameDay Secure Parcel Delivery Service via Air Couriers

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On Board Same Day Hand Carry Courier Service to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Kawr Fakkan, Dibba or any part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). When your package is very urgent or very important but does not justify a dedicated air craft charter, on board courier solutions from Pony Express can hand deliver your item via the next available scheduled flight out.

One phone call to our Highly Experienced On Board Delivery team can get your import or export of medical (pharmaceutical) product, parcel, urgent package, time sensitive documents, computer part or just in time inventory part hand delivered on time and securely.

Simply put it is our passion and experience in making sure we deliver on time, every time that makes us the 1st choice for many of our customers.

Our local knowledge in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates makes delivering items fast and secure.

BookingNo Account Required.
Business and Private Customers Welcome.

We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be contacted on:

Calling from the U.K - Free: 08006922692

Calling from the U.K - Local: 01902634137

Calling from U.A.E: +44 (0) 1902 634 137

Calling from Abroad: 00441902634137


Payment can be made by
bank transfer(bacs),
any major credit/debit card or
american express.

What are On Board Couriers?
An On Board Courier (OBC) is a Courier who will acompany items onboard a commercial flight to reach it's destination as soon as possible. Similar to a local dedicated sameday courier where the person who collects your item is the person who delivers your item in the fastest possible time. The International On Board Courier will aim to collect and deliver as soon as possible using the next flight out to the destination.

What are On Board Couiers also known as?
Hand Carry Couriers - Air Couriers - Same Day International Couriers - Next Flight Out Couriers - International Couriers

How secure is my item with a On Board Courier Service?
Your item is always in sight of the courier. If the item is highly valuable a SIA trained courier can be arranged or we can have 2 couriers accompany the package

What is the fastest time to get a item to United Arab Emirates from United Kingdom?
Approximately 10-15 hours from collection this includes flight transit travel time and check-in.

What is the fastest time to get a item to United Kingdom from United Arab Emirates?
Approximately 10-15 hours from collection this includes flight transit travel time and checkin.

Why use an On Board Courier and not a carrier?
Carriers may handle the item several times before it reaches it's destination and can go missing during these times. With an On Board Courier Service the item will be handled once by the collecting courier and always be kept in his/her sight..

Can I meet the Courier at the airport to send my parcel?
Yes. We can specify time and terminal to meet the courier at.

Can the item be delivered to my collegue at the airport?
Yes. We can relay flight arrival time and flight number at arrival airport for receiver to meet our courier.

How long will my quote take?
Typically we can generate a quote in 10-15 minutes. All details required to give a quote can be found at the bottom of this page in the enquiry form.

How will my item be handled?
Your item is only handled by the collecting courier. The item may be inspected by airport security on request where the courier will ensure it is handled carefully.

Will all visa requirements be handled by Pony Express?
Yes. The price you pay includes any visa fees required to enter the destination country.

Will I have to pay customs on my item?
Depending on the item we can advise prior to booking. Documents do not have any custom charges.

How much customs do I need to pay for my item?
Depending on the item sent we can advise prior to booking.

What can not be sent?
Restricted items list can be viewed at

Will my items be tracked?
Yes. Couriers can be tracked on ground by GPS and in the air by flight trackers. All details will be given once booking has been made.

Will my item be signed for?
Yes. As a premium service we will not leave the item without a signature and name. The courier can also arrange a phone call to receiver if required. Photos of delivery location are also taken by our couriers.

What is the time difference between UK and UAE?
+3 Hours During British Summer Time.
+4 Hours During Greenwich Mean Time.

What is the time difference between UAE and UK?
-3 Hours During British Summer Time.
-4 Hours During Greenwich Mean Time.

Do I need an account?
No you do not require an account to send with us adhoc and one off customers are welcome.

Same Day Hand Carry On Board Air Courier

On Board Couriers are used when the item that you are sending needs to be at its destination as quick as possible. All consignments sent using the Elite On Board Courier Service ensures your urgent, time sensitive or critical items are handled with the highest security and delivered with speed in mind. Your item remains in the couriers presence all the time, guaranteeing a safe, secure and reliable delivery everytime.

You will receive detailed tracking information regarding your consignment from the time of collection until the time of delivery.  At delivery we ensure our courier hands your goods to the recipient in person by hand. The On Board Courier will then call you and confirm delivery by asking you to speak with the recipient at the time of delivery to confirm delivery.

Who uses Onboard Couriers?

  • Companies who utilise the JIT or ‘Just in Time’ inventory

  • Solicitors, Lawyers and Accountants

  • Engineering and Aviation Industry (AOG - Aircraft On Ground)

  • Medical biotechnology, pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

  • Government Officials

  • The Rich and Famous Celebrities

  • Automotive Industry

  • Newspaper Publishers

  • Reporters

  • Banks, Insurance Companies and other Financial Institutions

  • Exhibitors

  • Oil Industry

  • Steel Industry

  • Precious Metals and Stones Industries

  • Hotels

  • Wealthy Businessmen

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • Music Industry

  • Film Industry

What can be sent via an Onboard Courier?

  • Legal Documents

  • Sign and return documents

  • Court papers

  • LC’s (Letter of Credit)

  • Keys

  • USB flash drives, memory sticks and Discs

  • Watches, jewellery and small gifts

  • Parts (Aircraft, AOG)

  • Samples

  • Small electronic items

  • Life Science

  • Spare Part (Parts)

  • Secure Documents

  • Sensitive Papers

  • Tenders

  • Medicine

  • Letters

  • Licenses

  • Passport


**Anything that can be taken as baggage on board an international flight.

Unsure if your item can go as luggage, give us a call or fill out the enquiry form below

Why use a On Board Courier?

Protection from Duplication, Theft, Damage, Loss and
Guaranteed Delivery

Book now and you could have your urgent parcel/item:

Delivered in the United Arab Emirates from United Kingdom by:
Thursday 01-January-1970 16:00 pm local time (UAE)
Thursday 01-January-1970 13:00 pm local time (UK)

Delivered in the United Kingdom from United Arab Emirates by:
Thursday 01-January-1970 11:00 am local time (UK)
Thursday 01-January-1970 14:00 pm local time (UAE)

Cities we cover in the UK:



























St Albans



St Davids





































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